Achieve Your Desired Intent

Achieve Your Desired IntentWhatever flooring style fits your corporate image we have the selection which will inspire you to achieve the look and the functionality you want. Find the perfect design by browsing through our gallery and let use help you bring color, texture and value to your floor. We will work with you from design and specification to installation to ensure your satisfaction.

Workplace Services Specification offers access to a wide selection of products from the world’s leading manufacturers as well as hard-to-source items from many specialty manufacturers. Our resource library is fully stocked and kept up-to-date, providing you the advantage in selecting the right product to suit your needs. The professionals at Workplace Services Specification are fully versed in all the latest products, materials, and technologies and excel at determining the optimum mix of quality and value that meet the individual requirements for your project.


Workplace Services Specification will assist in determining which flooring materials best fit your needs. Our team can help determine and recommend the right products while meeting your budget, time, safety, ADA, FHA and environment targets. From resilient flooring to carpet tile, to hardwood floors, Workplace Services Specification is available provide the right solution.

Windows & Walls

Workplace Services Specification specializes in specifying the right products for your facility’s windows and walls. Workplace Services Specification features an extensive line of products and solutions, such as cubical curtains, window blinds, shutters, shades, draperies, fabrics and commercial wall coverings. Workplace Services Specification can help make your facility meet and exceed any regulatory and environmental requirements, and also create an environment which is a pleasure for your customers and employees.

The Bottom Line

Whether on the floor, on the walls, or simply adding a touch of elegance to your windows, Workplace Services professionals will help you select the right products to meet your unique requirements and ultimately redefine your space.

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